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New Mexico's only Tacori Boutique
Tacori Rings

The Tacori Touch is how Tacori describes the extraordinary level of care that goes into everything they make. Each piece is refined by the skills of many specialists before it is ready to touch the hearts of our customers. Tacori jewelry is passed from hand to hand to hand until precious raw materials are transformed into small works of art.

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demarco rings

The Demarco Collection provides every woman with an heirloom piece that artistically showcases a fraction of her beauty. Inspired by may aspects of life, from architecture, nature, water and most notably, emotion, the Demarco Collection is playful, yet sophisticated.

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john bagley rings

The John Bagley Collection is an adventure created with passion, intensity and the desire to create a wow response. John Bagley’s engagement rings and wedding bands have a free-flowing unique flair with many of his creations having an element of the wild and magic of nature.

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