Introducing Tacori Journeys, Your Journey Awaits!

Introducing Tacori Journeys, Your Journey Awaits!

Most of you heard about our Tacori Journeys launch event a few weeks ago, but for those of you that didn’t or were unable to attend, here’s the exciting new scoop!

If the beauty in Tacori pieces wasn’t enticing enough, they’ve added an entirely new element to their name. With insider access to exclusive hotel prices and a travel voucher that can be applied towards savings on your stay, Tacori Journeys is just another way to create unforgettable memories.

Sound too good to be true? Too complicated? I promise it’s not! Here’s how it works: with each qualifying Tacori purchase, receive a Tacori Journeys travel voucher that can be used towards savings on destinations around the world. It’s that easy! Your Tacori Journeys travel voucher awards you membership points that allow you to deduct savings from your points balance to arrive at the lowest available discount rate. We would be happy to demonstrate
some comparisons for you in our brand-new concept area.

We are all so excited about this because Tacori Journeys marries two of our favorite things, jewelry and travel, to help you make unforgettable memories. From the proposal, to walking down the aisle, to sinking your toes into the sand on your honeymoon, Tacori wants to help you mark the memorable moments of your life.

And Tacori Journeys is not just for engagement rings! With your qualifying purchase of Tacori fashion jewelry, you’ll also receive a travel voucher that you can use for that girls getaway you’ve been planning.

If you’ve visited our store, you know we have an amazing selection of not only bridal pieces, but also fashion pieces for special occasions or even every day staple pieces. So go ahead, buy that piece you’ve been eyeing to celebrate your recent promotion or just because! Your Tacori jewelry purchase can help you save on your next travel experience, and who doesn’t love a great getaway?!

We look forward to sharing the excitement with you during your next visit to Mark Diamonds Jewelers! Your journey awaits!

Alexis Deitch, Mark Diamond’s Jewelers Team Member