Jewelry Repair in Albuquerque

Do you have a family heirloom you would like restored? Has your prized jewelry been damaged and now you’re wondering how you’ll ever get it back to looking brand new? Look no further than Mark Diamond’s Jewelers, we provide jewelry repair in Albuquerque. Our jewelers are reliable and can provide extensive repair services. We can repair all types of jewelry and have been in operation for over four decades. If you have a piece of Jewelry to be repaired, do not hesitate, visit our jewelry repair service Albuquerque NM and get it fixed today.

Our specialists are always available, we perform all repairs on the premises, with very few exceptions and are capable of very complex repairs that most local jewelers can’t do. Here is a list of services provided at the leading jewelry store in Albuquerque.

For Jewelry repair (platinum, silver, and gold) we do offer the following services:

• Ring sizing, Chain soldering among others
• Diamond remounting
• Matching and replacing missing gemstones
• Pearl restringing
• Lengthening or shortening of bracelets and necklaces

Our company is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service, with all repairs completed in a timely manner, without unnecessary delays. In fact, some repairs can be completed quickly, and you’ll just need to wait for a few minutes. However, occasionally for more complex repairs you may have to wait longer depending on the type as well as extensiveness of the repair. Nonetheless, we do the work as quickly as we can to offer you the best results without any disappointments.

Do you have an upcoming event and need your jewelry repaired? We’re in the Albuquerque area and can help you get it fixed. Note it is crucial for you to contact us early enough to ensure your jewels get repaired on time. Do not hesitate to call us and inquire about our jewelry repair services.

Repairs and Restoration by Experts

We have years of experience repairing and restoring jewels and have a master jeweler on staff. You can be rest assured that we can handle virtually any type of jewelry repair in the ideal way. Bring it to us and we will restore it to its beautiful state again! For estate, vintage, or heirloom pieces that have suffered very serious condition issues, our company offers you extensive jewelry restoration and repair services to get your treasures back to their perfect state.

Our expertise is unrivaled and goes beyond just making your jewel beautiful again! We treat our customers like family.

Our staff is composed of highly skilled jewelers who can take up every request regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your jewelry. We are an authorized jewelry repair center in Albuquerque that can repair various prestigious watch brands.

We’re proud to have the finest master jeweler in Albuquerque at Mark Diamond’s Jewelers, capable of handling all requests with a focus on quality. With his keen eye for detail and extraordinary knowledge base our master jeweler can create various custom orders and also redesign your jewels and watches back to their coveted glory once again!

Call or visit our jewelry stores in Albuquerque today for high quality jewelry repairs.