Make Your Gameday Outfit Complete with Your Team Colors!

Make Your Gameday Outfit Complete with Your Team Colors!

As Fall rapidly approaches, images of leaves, sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Ugg Boots flood Social Media pages, and America’s football teams rush their home fields in pursuit of the coveted Super Bowl Champions Title and the huge ring that accompanies it. 

Most of us will never acquire a trophy with the majesty of the Jostens’ Ring, but fans can certainly show their support through many pieces of jewelry that can be worn year-round and not just through the Playoffs.

Just about every organization has licensed their logo to major jewelry manufacturers and all sorts of insignia, from charms to be soldered to charm bracelets, and watches that have team emblems on the face can be purchased.

For those who prefer to be subtler about their team spirit, fine pieces of jewelry can be designed into one of a kind creations. For Seattle Seahawks’ fans an oval shaped peridot surrounded by a halo of blue sapphires is an elegant design that will make a beautiful pendant, earrings, ring, or better yet, an entire ensemble.

Denver Broncos fans who also have an affinity for lesser known, but gorgeously unique gemstones can represent their pride with Carnelian, a bright orange, opaque stone that would make striking eyes in a bronco shaped brooch.

Also, for “America’s Team,” The Dallas Cowboy fan can slip on a beautiful, yet simplistic stackable band with alternating diamonds and sapphires that make a delicate accent while displaying the ultimate team spirit.

Whatever team is your home team, here at Mark Diamond’s Jewelers, we can create the most elaborate or most simplistic piece of jewelry to represent your love of the game!

Fia Bauer, Mark Diamond’s Jewelers Team Member